Abbey Clancy has revealed the rather saucy way she persuaded hubby Peter Crouch to come home.

The model, 37, has been married to retired professional footballer Peter for 12 years. The couple first struck up a romance back in 2006 and have gone from strength to strength ever since.

And it’s fair to say the pair, who share four kids together, are no strangers to revealing the details of their sex life. So much so, that Abbey made a naughty confession recently on their podcast Therapy Crouch.

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According to the showbiz star, in an attempt to get him off the footy pitch, Abbey once picked up her beau from training wearing nothing but a trench coat. And it seemed her racy move went down well with Peter.

Abbey Clancy
Abbey made the confession on their podcast

“It's easy to surprise me - very much so. If I came home and you had no clothes on. It'd be the best surprise ever,” Pete said on the podcast.

He went on: “It's so simple - all you have to do is just not wear any clothes. It's so simple and I'll be so happy. I'm just being honest.”

Abbey Clancy
Abbey rocked up wearing nothing but a coat

Abbey then chimed in and admitted: “I picked you up from training once like that, didn't I?” Explaining, she added: “That Burberry Mac you got me, I picked him up from training once with that on and nothing underneath it - to get him home.” Peter then confessed: “And it worked - very well.”

Despite her romantic surprise, Peter claimed that Abbey doesn’t usually do many of them. He complained: “All the onus is on the man - that's the problem.”

Abbey did try one for his birthday and hired a stripper for him. But it ended up being a disaster.

Peter Crouch
The footy star said her surprise 'worked well'

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Abbey recalled: “He went ballistic. I got him a roly-poly-o-gram and he went mad. A larger stripper - and he went mental that everyone was looking at him, so told her instantly to leave. She didn't even take one sock off.”

Peter said: “We were in a restaurant in Liverpool with loads of random people and all of a sudden this stripper turned up, starts gyrating. I'm playing for Liverpool and England at the time and everyone started filming.

“I was like 'I'm sorry, but I can't do this'. So I just gave her some cash and said 'Can you leave?' Then she just went 'Oh, ok, great', and then left. I was so mortified by the whole situation.”

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