Abbey Clancy once ordered hubby Peter Crouch a 'roly-poly-o-gram' that left him so red-faced that he paid her to leave.

The couple - who've been together for 18 years and share four children - host the The Therapy Crouch which is a podcast aimed at couples. Opening up about their relationships, the ex-Liverpool star said his wife has lacked in giving him romantic surprises.

Crouch, 42, complained: "All the onus is on the man - that's the problem." Clancy revealed one surprise that she'd set up for the former England international and it was one that ended in chaos. She ordered a stripper for his birthday while he was playing for Liverpool which left Crouch incensed.

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She said: "He went ballistic. I got him a roly-poly-o-gram and he went mad. A larger stripper - and he went mental that everyone was looking at him, so told her instantly to leave. She didn't even take one sock off." Crouch then explained the experience as he began: "We were in a restaurant in Liverpool with loads of random people and all of a sudden this stripper turned up, starts gyrating.

"I'm playing for Liverpool and England at the time and everyone started filming. I was like 'I'm sorry, but I can't do this'. So I just gave her some cash and said 'Can you leave?' Then she just went 'Oh, ok, great', and then left." He admitted that he was "so mortified" with the encounter.

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He was playing for Liverpool at the time
Crouch said he was 'mortified' with the situation
She said Crouch went ballistic
The model ordered the stripper for his birthday

Despite Crouch calling Clancy out on her lack of surprises, he did agree that one particular occasion where she managed to shock him was a resounding success. The Liverpool native said she once picked him up from training wearing nothing but a Burberry trench coat in order to persuade him to come home.

"It's easy to surprise me - very much so. If I came home and you had no clothes on. It'd be the best surprise ever," he said to which Clancy reminded him of the time she picked him up with nothing on but a trench coat. Crouch admitted that it worked "very well".