Artificial intelligence (AI) has been on a lot of people's minds this year.

From changing how things operate in the workplace to generating fake models on Instagram, it's been having a big impact on the modern world. But next year it could also see big changes in the sex industry.

According to Angie Rowntree, founder and director of the award-winning site, the premier destination for sex-positive, ethical porn made from a woman's point of view, there are some things people should know about what to expect.

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Angie said AI is not going to wholly replace sex workers or erotic content creators for the foreseeable future for several reasons. This is because porn does not have major film budgets required to harness the AI technology that this would invariably require, and there are also legal and ethical issues with using someone’s likeness.

Moreover, the audience for ethical porn is probably going to want to support the livelihoods of real performers instead of artificial intelligence. What AI can do is help some creators more efficiently run their business and curate their content for fans.

But, as we know all too well, AI is rife with piracy and plagiarism on a level that arguably surpasses what we saw with early tube sites. In addition to being a source of non-consensual content, deepfakes can be harmful in several other ways, including but not limited to: enabling abusive or hateful content, targeting minors or even spreading political misinformation.

Angie Rowntree opened up about how AI could change the porn industry
Chatbots are one new trend that are starting to emerge

As well as this, AI in many ways presents viewers with a deeper erosion of reality, as a painting or photograph is not trying to be "real" in the way that an AI deepfake is. Even though some images are obviously very unrealistic, it can nevertheless erode overall trust in digital content.

‌2024 trends in AI porn

Many adult performers develop their own "avatar"

This can serve as an "AI companion" to fans. Since AI can be available 24/7, this can revolutionise the way performers can engage with fans around the world, and it also enables the fans to experience another level of interactive entertainment.

AI adult chatbots are an emerging new trend

Even so, there’s plenty of potential for their usage for more than just "the obvious". Some adult performers have made AI chatbot versions of themselves, which allows fans a new level of interaction to go with their fantasy.

However, chatbots are definitely not limited to performer/fan interactions either. A chatbot could be trained to enhance adult entertainment in other ways, such as being able to provide information related to the context of a porn scene.

Additionally, while some AI graphics have a long way to go, AI is useful when it comes to curating content recommendations – which is another way AI is making the broader adult industry and the creator space a much more interactive world.

AI-themed erotic movies member requests are often heavily influenced by what is "trending" in the wider world – whether that’s Outlander, Bridgerton, Game of Thrones, 50 Shades or AI. The requests for AI are definitely more recent and coincide with the news cycle.

However, what members are requesting relates more to the many sentient AI beings that have been depicted in television and film – like Andrew in Bicentennial Man, the AI character Samantha in Her or even Data from Star Trek.

For the most part, fans express a desire to explore the potential of human connection with AIs, as much as the AI characters in the above stories have aspired towards being "more human".

Angie Rowntree opened up about how AI could change the porn industry
The technology has the potential to "enhance" porn in many ways

AI-enhanced porn productions

AI has the potential to enhance filmmaking in many ways, including but not limited to creating more realistic visual effects. For instance, the de-ageing technology used in movies like Ant-Man and the Wasp and the new Indiana Jones film.

AI algorithms can also help design sets by creating realistic virtual environments - such as in The Mandalorian. AI can also be used to make computer-generated imagery (CGI) more realistic by simulating realistic lighting, textures and physical interactions in digital environments.

An example would be Avengers: Infinity War and its sequel Avengers: Endgame. Thanos, portrayed by Josh Brolin, was brought to life using CGI and motion capture technology, with significant help from AI.

AI can generate and control virtual extras, making it easier to create scenes of large gatherings or battles without the need for hundreds of real extras. For any adult filmmaker with the vision, creativity, resources and budget to do it, all of these tools from the mainstream can be used to integrate AI into porn films.

Audio erotica star, John Eros, said: "I believe the possibility of AI being involved in the creation of porn may cause a larger amount of material in the porn industry. However, I do not feel that it will negatively impact the human-only content.

"If, for example, there is a place for deepfake porn, or AI-generated content (whether video or erotica or audio content, for example), I think that'll still be more of a niche sector compared with the majority who will always want realism behind their porn.

"Knowing that a real person is involved makes things far more erotic - the reactions, the genuine responses and the little details that AI can't provide, especially the natural desire to arouse the partner/viewer - will always be more appealing than what AI can provide.

"AI may help some aspects of production, but I can't see it ever taking away from the realism that people want to witness and be involved in. The realism and human involvement ensures there's a feeling the viewer/listener is part of it, or could potentially be involved in it.

"There's a physicality to sexuality that AI will never be able to replicate. I feel it's the same reason why I listen to records, and why vinyl is still going strong even with all the options available to listen to music - being more physically involved with what has been created is always more appealing."

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