Barbie actor Chris Taylor revealed his friends asked him some bizarre questions about Margot Robbie.

The Love Island star worked with A-list actress Margot Robbie during the filming of the newly-released blockbuster movie Barbie.

During an exclusive chat with Daily Star, Chris told us that his pals asked him what she "smelled like".

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Chris said: "I don't think anyone has really said anything about it apart from Michael's [Griffiths] nephew, who told his mates. He was coming down to Essex and he went 'One of my mates wants to know what Margot smells like,' and I was like ‘Mate, I don't know I wasn't sniffing her."

Chris' pals wondered what Margot smelled like

He joked: "Well, I was trying to not make it obvious anyway."

Chris has also been working with Moja, AXA Insurance's new digital-only led insurance platform.

It's all about finding the nation’s happy place, which through AXA's research found is the car.

Talking about the campaign, Chris explained: "I wanted to partner with AXA on this one because it's got a strong mental health element to it and I resonated with the campaign because it's all about finding your happy place.

Chris Taylor
Chris' pal was very intrigued about Margot

"I've not mentioned this anywhere before, but I've always struggled with anxiety quite badly.

"When I was on Love Island, I actually was meant to go into the villa like four weeks before I went in... but I was sent home to have further psych tests, which was after I was diagnosed with anxiety and on anxiety medication...

"So, I'm pro-mental health which really suits this campaign."

Moja, AXA UK’s digital-only insurance brand, reveals that 64% of Brits see their car as their ultimate happy place.

Chris rejected the all-stars show

Tara Foley, CEO at AXA UK Retail, comments: “This research shows that some of the most important moments centre around your car, such as bringing your child home for the first time or making great memories with friends.

"With more than 60% of people saying that the car is their ultimate happy place, it shows how important it is to make the overall driving experience as stress free as possible to keep those happy times going.

"This is what we’re aiming to do with Moja, by making motor insurance simpler, fairer and always there for our customers."

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