EastEnders’ Priya has caused plenty of drama in Walford - and she only made her debut last month.

The character, played by Sophie Khan Levy, first appeared on the soap in October, along with 14-year-old daughter Avani (Aaliyah James). Priya rocked up the famous square claiming bad boy Ravi Panesar (Aaron Thiara) was her baby daddy.

At the time, Ravi had no idea about Avani with Priya secretly raising their daughter away from the Square. After being kicked out of their flat, Ravi and Avani were given a place to stay by Suki (Balvinder Sopal).

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However, it hasn’t taken long for fans of the soap to share their concerns about Priya and Avani. And it’s not looking good for the Panesar’s.

The pair rocked up the square last month

In episodes this week, it was revealed that due to Avani’s unsettled life with her mum, she hasn’t been in school since Covid days. Priya admitted that because she sold her daughter’s passport when they were struggling for cash, she was unable to enroll her in a school.

Luckily dad Ravi saved the day and told the family he had gotten Avani into Walford High without the news for any ID or documentation. But Avani was not keen on going back. She told her mum: “Every time I make friends, you get kicked out of a flat and I have to start all over again".

Fans reckon they've rumbled Priya's secret

Then later on, Priya ended up kissing Nish (Navin Chowdhry). He didn’t pull back at first, but when Suki walked with her jaw on the floor he pushed his son’s ex-girlfriend away.

Fans are now certain that Avani may not be who she says she is and Priya has been spinning a web of lies. So much so, that viewers reckon it is all part of an elaborate plan to take down the Panesar’s.

Avani’s lack of school education has also sparked theories from fans that she might not even be a teenager, as the actress Aaliyah James, is 23 years old. On X, formerly known as Twitter, one viewer mused: “I have a feeling there's more to this than meets the eye. Is Avani really Ravi's daughter?”

Priya and Avani are hiding something, says fans

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Someone else replied and said: “No she’s not and I doubt very much she’s Priya's daughter either…more likely to be her sister and they’re working this scam together..l taking the Panesars for all they can….and all I can say is…Go Girls!!!”

A third quipped: “I have a feeling that Priya and Avani are part of something dodgy & Ravi isn't Avani's father after all. The fact that Priya has had 3 years off school for "Moving around" is very suspicious. She couldn't have just disappeared off the radar so to speak.”

Another viewer mused: “I think Avani is definitely older than they're saying. She's definitely not Priya's daughter. I think she's her sister or cousin or even just a friend or something.”

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