Bobby Brazier has a lot to juggle, with his role in EastEnders and Strictly Come Dancing.

But despite being just 20-years-old, the star appears to be handling it all with ease. And it seems it could be his spirituality that is helping to guide him as he navigates his relatively newfound fame.

The actor and model – who is the son of TV star Jeff Brazier and late Big Brother legend Jade Goody - has previously been open about his faith and his beliefs, suggesting they are important aspects of his life.

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As the Strictly star opens up about his outlook on life after losing his mum at such a young age, Daily Star has taken a look at what he's said on the subject.

Bobby’s beliefs

Jade Goody
Bobby's mum Jade died in 2009

The star has previously said that in his opinion awareness is "eternal", suggesting that his mum Jade – who passed away aged 27 in 2009 after battling cervical cancer – is still present in some way. "I believe that God, the universe, whatever you’d want to call it, are the same thing,” he told The Times earlier this year.

"Awareness is eternal. So we don’t die. My mum doesn’t die. We pass on the body like we change clothes, so no one really dies. They just leave the body that we had an attachment to."

He also admitted he doesn't miss his mum because she passed at such a young age, saying: "I don’t. Because I don’t feel like I was with her long enough to miss her. I’ve kind of spent more life without her than I did with her.

"I just would’ve loved to have seen what other people had seen

Meditation and chanting

Bobby Brazier
Meditation is important to the TV star

Bobby has indicated that he believes in the power of meditation and he has said that he finds chanting very useful. “I am reaping the rewards of chanting,” he told the Mirror, saying it was chance to “purify consciousness”.

The star said it was something he could fit around his fast-paced life. He explained: “And at work, I’m lucky that, you know, sometimes I’ll be in my dressing room or sometimes I won’t need to be on set.

"There’s always an opportunity to chant. Even on the train and going to work in the car. It’s always an opportunity. No one is ever too busy to ­meditate. Ever.”

Bobby was also seen on Strictly introducing his pro partner Dianne Buswell to meditation. "Meditation helps me find a place of peace," he told viewers.

Hare Krishna

Bobby Brazier
Bobby said he benefits from chanting

Bobby has discussed religion in the past and sources have claimed that he is interested in the Hare Krishna movement, which is a type of Hinduism. The star was recently quoted as telling fans on social media: “If you’ve been following me for a while or if you’ve known me for a while, you’ll know that I’ve been searching through many different phases for the same thing that we’re all searching for, that we’re all hankering after: bliss and love and knowledge and peace and contentment.

“And the place in which I found what I’m looking for is in my relationship with God. And I don’t want to give the impression that I’m some great devotee or some great man of God who is devoted in every aspect of his life. Because I am a fool and a sinner, but I’m trying my best not to be.”


Jeff Brazier and Bobby Brazier
Bobby with his dad Jeff

It seems gratitude has always been a part of Bobby’s home life with his dad Jeff and his brother Freddie, who is 19. The television star has often posted message of thanks on social media, for things that have happened in his life and the lives oif his sons.

“Gratitude is such an important daily practice and I hope me sharing mine makes you think about what was good for you today,” Jeff once posted on X. The star has also shared that although Bobby's star is on the rise, it's important that he stays humble.

"As much as Bobby's a dancer on Strictly these days, when he comes home, there's a wash in the tumble dryer that I want him to fold up, or I want him to help me to make dinner,” Jett told OK! “I need to make sure Bob has a balance and doesn't necessarily let himself float away,” he said.

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