Stevie Wonder left the Eurythmics frightened for their lives when he celebrated working on one of their biggest hits - by going for a drive.

The blind superstar was overjoyed after nailing the harmonica solo on Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart’s 1985 smash There Must Be An Angel in one take. Excited Stevie, 73, marked the moment by ordering guitarist Dave Stewart to get into his chauffeur’s car with him.

To the Brit producer’s horror Wonder then took him for a spin around a Los Angeles parking lot in the early hours. The Superstition singer has been blind since suffering detached retinas shortly after his six weeks’ premature birth.

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Stunned Stewart, 71, had to shout out directions to prevent a prang. He said after laying down the track Wonder `took me out to the car park and drove around with me in the passenger seat in the dark’.

Stevie Wonder left Annie Lennox terrified

"That was scary," he said. "There was nobody in the car park so we were quite lucky. "Every now and again I would say, `left a bit’." Stewart said Scottish singer Lennox, 68, never believed Wonder would agree to play on the song - let alone go for a drive in celebration. After writing the song for the Motown legend the duo sent off a tape not thinking it would even reach him."

Stevie took them for a spin

Somehow it got to him," Stewart said. "We got a message back saying he would love to do it." He said he’d be there at about 6pm. But we stayed at the studio until midnight. There was no Stevie." We were really tired and went back to the hotel.

The phone rang and the studio was on the phone saying Stevie was back at the studio." We had to drive back at one in the morning or something."Dave told the BBC Sounds of the 80s podcast Wonder’s hair beads had to be 'tied into a little bag so he didn’t rattle while he played’.

It was a great story for the Eurythmics stars to tell

"We played the track and he got that whole solo down in one. And it was incredible. We were cheering going, `Oh amazing’."But me being the stupid and paranoid producer said, 'Well, shall we try another one for luck?’ "And it came along to the part and he just played an Irish jig. He knew the first one was great."

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