A woman dubbed the “Britain’s sexiest postie” by her fans has ditched her £10-an-hour job posting parcels for DHL as she’s raking in £10,000 a month posting sexy pictures online in the company’s uniform.

Mellie Muppet, 43, from Swindon, started a sideline posing in lingerie and her DHL uniform when she signed up to new adult subscription site Social Ikon last year.

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She said about seeing her income soar after weeks on the platform: “Unlike my name, I’m no muppet! I thought I’d dip my toe in content creation as I was only on £10 an hour, and it has really paid off.

“I’m now on six figures – and I thank God I kept my DHL uniform.”

Mellie Muppet
Mellie Muppet quit her postie job to sell sexy pictures instead

Mellie added she is tapping into a “postie fetish” she found online. She said: “I started doing only lingerie, but things really exploded when I put my uniform over my lacy undies.

“I started to get hundreds of fans saying they loved the idea of having sex with a female postie, and asked for more and more poses in my uniform.

“Others pay me for videos pretending to post parcels in public, and I often go out really early in the morning to shoot them as they love me to expose my lingerie beneath the uniform in the clips.”

Mellie gets sent lingerie sets from her admirers, as well as a variety of props including wigs, nipple clamps and body oil to include with her DHL uniform images and videos.

She added: “I’ve had to order two or three more uniforms from the web as my first one got a lot of use! I’d be a muppet not to try and make the most of this while I can.”

Mellie Muppet
Mellie makes £10,000 a month from her saucy venture – much more than £10 an hour
Mellie Muppet
Mellie says her new career makes it feel like she's "won the lottery"

Mellie joined Social Ikon in 2022 when the platform launched and has used her new earnings to move to Devon.

She said: “I never went to college or uni, so career opportunities were limited for me until I landed on content creation. I went straight from school onto a training program where I got a placement for a year in an office and got work as a chamber maid in hotels.”

Mellie started at DHL as a courier assistant in 2016 before landing a role as a courier with her own route. She jacked in the job in December 2022 and says she doesn’t miss the “long hours and heavy parcels”.

She added: “I feel a bit like I’ve won the lottery, and have big plans for my kinky postal-themed content. I was only earning about £450 a week at DHL, so around £23,000 a year. I always wanted a glamorous career. I dreamt of being an actress and model and now I’m lucky enough to be modelling.”

Mellie often gets mistaken for a “MILF” by her followers but said she has no kids.

Mellie Muppet
Mellie doesn't let critics hold her back – as she's so successful

Her parents who are divorced both frown on her move to posting on Social Ikon choice but she says she just “ignores their criticism”.

She added: “I sat them down separately and told them what I was doing after my earnings started to come in.

"But even though I showed both of them proof of wages of £10,000 a month, they don’t like it. But why would I go back to what I was doing?”

Social Ikon is being hailed as “better than OnlyFans ” by millions of its creators as they say they are making far more cash from the platform than the other more well-known adult site.

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