Ever wonder what fitness fanatics eat on their cheat days?

One body-builder was been dubbed the "crumpet king" after he devoured 78 of the breakfast favourites during an 18,000 calorie binge – shocking fans.

The British bloke, who posts online as "Jacked Eats", started his day at 9.30am with a 24 microwaved crumpet breakfast – 12 with bacon and syrup, the rest with chocolate, peanut butter and fruit. But while many would struggle with a 3640 calorie breakfast, he described it as a "light snack".

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He "demolished" the crumpets "in record time", before starting a cardio session on the bike. The workout seemed to build up his appetite once again – as he was soon rushing back to the microwave.

Jacked Eats has left fans stunned with his 18,000 calorie 'cheat day'
Jacked Eats has left fans stunned with his 18,000 calorie 'cheat day'

Just three hours later he added another 24 crumpets to the menu — this time topped with a mixture of jam and peanut butter — bringing his calories to 7,240. "Light work," he exclaimed before heading to the gym for a "crumpet pump" or "crump" as he called it.

But it didn't stop there, as he added a "crumpet pudding" to the list, which was made with 15 crumpets, light custard and raisins — bring his calories up to a stomach-bursting 9,390. While viewers were already stunned at how much he'd put away, his day didn't stop there.

He had a quick nap before getting back at it with nine of his Warburton's favourites turned into chicken burgers with ketchup and mayo at 7pm. Then he had more just half-an-hour later — again with peanut butter and jam.

"Last crumpets of the day – 78 in all," he declared. Finally, he seemed to have had enough of the crumpets and switched it up for cookie bowls, bringing his calories up to 18,165.

At the end of the TikTok video, he said: "Your boy can eat. Crumpet day actually enjoyed it."

Viewers were left stunned by the clip as they took to the comments in shock at his "cheat day" menu. One user said: "I think he fancies crumpets not sure though."

Another commented: "Did I read this correct 78!? 78 CRUMPETS." A third wrote: "That's absolutely wild the amount of crumpets you've just ate. Legend."

bloke eating crumpet pudding
The bloke ate 78 crumpets in total - leaving fans stunned

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Meanwhile, a fourth said: "How do you not die man? I had about 7,500 when my goal was around 3,000 and got sick all over the gaff. Obliterated the toilet bowl."

However, he insists that this was a cheat day and that he doesn't eat like that every day. He wrote in the comments: "One day won't kill you."

Others were more baffled by the fact he microwaved his crumpets instead of whacking them in the toaster, but he simply told people to "try it" before they knock it.