A nine-carat gold Bounty bar has been created – valued at a jaw-dropping £25,000. The solid gold bar is 10cm long and 4cm wide – the same size as a full-sized bar out of its wrapper.

It weighs a whopping 1kg, and is expected to only increase in price as the cost of gold does. Created by an expert jeweller in Hatton Garden, it took 10 days to make, and will be up for grabs in the form of a winning ticket in Celebrations tubs this year.

Tickets will be placed into random tubs of the chocolate treats this Christmas, available only at Tesco, with one winner taking the golden prize – while other cash prizes of up to £10,000 are also hidden. The winner can either keep hold of the valuable trinket, or trade it in for £25,000 in cash.

To mark the launch of the competition, Mars has enlisted Bargain Hunt's Danny Sebastian to star in a spoof daytime antiques film with Mr. Bounty.

Danny said: “As a Bounty lover myself, it’s been hard to see the treatment the poor coconut choc has received over the years, so I’m glad we’re pushing for #BringHomeTheBounty this time round.

“I’ve seen lots of valuable items in my time, but this one-of-a-kind golden Bounty bar is up there with the best of them – it’s a wonderfully unique, decorative display piece that will dazzle and delight all who look upon it.”

It comes as over half of chocolate lovers say the coconut-filled bar is always their last pick from a box of Celebrations
It comes as over half of chocolate lovers say the coconut-filled bar is always their last pick from a box of Celebrations

The chocolate-maker claims its festive campaign is for the love of Bounty – to treat lovers, and convert the haters.

It comes after a previous survey of 2,000 adults saw the coconut-filled bars come bottom of the pile for popularity, with 52% admitting they were their last pick from the tub – and 32% would even throw them away.

Last year, the company trialled the controversial removal of the bar in the run-up to Christmas. However, admitting that this drastic move caused pain, the chocolate giant pulled a major U-turn by releasing a limited run of “Bounty-only” boxes, available in selected Tesco stores until Christmas.

Kerry Cavanaugh, of Mars Wrigley’s UK, said: “Every year, we love seeing the debate rage over our beloved Celebrations tubs.

“This year, our much-loved Bounty bar has gone gold. The bar is worth £25,000, which surely is enough to make even the most dedicated Bounty-haters reconsider their stance. We’re excited to hear the public's verdict – would you treasure, or would you trade? Bring Home The Bounty.”