Flight attendants live glamorous lives, jet setting off around the world, donning their famous uniforms and teasing fans with plenty of flight secrets.

However, it turns out that the career isn't always lucrative, with lower salaries and long hours often part and parcel. In fact, a number of former air hostesses decided that selling sexy content raked in way more cash than working on commercial passenger flights. The stunning ex-cabin crew members left life at 35,000ft behind and decided to become OnlyFans models instead.

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Now, the beautiful former flight attendants have hung up their uniforms and share x-rated photos and videos with fans – pulling in hundreds of thousands of pounds every year from their new careers.

Meet some of the flight attendants turned OnlyFans stars below...

Alexia Grace

Alexia Grace as a flight attendant
Alexia Grace as a flight attendant

This gorgeous woman turned to OnlyFans to make money when the pandemic hit and grounded planes. Model Alexia Grace, from the East Midlands, worked as an air hostess and barista, taking home around £600 a week.

But, she ditched her Jet2 gig after claiming she made her entire yearly salary in just a month on OnlyFans. Alexia takes home £25,000 a month while the average flight attendant is paid just £20,456 a year, according to pay scale.

The 24-year-old said: "I really, really enjoy it. The social media side of things is my favourite part of it - I love TikTok and Instagram and I can make that my job. I love the freedom too. I spent six months in Dubai last year and two months travelling across Mexico this year."

Alexia in orange bikini
Alexia makes £5K more a month than the average annual salary of her old job

Discussing her former job on planes, Alexia said: "You don't get paid nearly as much as you should for the work you do. Customers could be extremely rude and the pay was only around £1,300 a month. Passengers would moan about food or drinks being out of stock - we're in the sky, we can't exactly pop to Tesco."

Skye Taylor

Mum Skye, from London, worked in the skies as a cabin crew member for 14 years, but she's since switched careers and now works on OnlyFans as well as Babestation – the cheeky TV station. The 48-year-old turned to her new job after planes were grounded in the pandemic, but never returned to flying after realising how much more money she was making.

Skye in a blue lingerie set
Skye Taylor used to work for Virgin Atlantic

She explained: "I make my money from being this age. Now I make twice as much as what I would earn from being cabin crew. Our basic salary can be £20k, realistically I was earning more 10 years ago than I am now. I have this life which makes me twice as much money as when I’m flying. It doesn’t hurt anyone and you don’t have to look if you don’t want to."

It wasn’t her first foray into the industry as Skye worked as a pole dancer from 2013 to supplement her income. She then branched out into selling saucy snaps and quit her life in the skies.

She said: "The wage in flying is horrendous in the UK. It’s 100 per cent made me feel more confident - because I’m older I have my own little market. Not every bit of the sex industry is stunning 20-year-olds, the whole industry is a wide range of people who are found attractive and can make money."

Amanda Sommer

Amanda Sommer used to work as cabin crew for Ryanair but left the role for OnlyFans. She claims to earn £15,000 every single month on the site – that’s £180,000 a year.

Woman in red lingerie
Amanda makes £15,000 a month

The Hartlepool local spoke about why she loves her new career. Amanda said: "I heard about OnlyFans and I liked the idea of it because you can work on there discreetly on your phone and my boyfriend wouldn’t find out. I was doing so well and didn’t have to find a day job."

However, the career change has had an impact on her love life. She claims men get jealous and ask her to quit her lucrative new role. She explained: "It’s controversial and if I tell them upfront they sometimes get jealous I think because I earn more money than them and they don’t like."

Mia Ventura

Mia Ventura began her career in the air force – before becoming a flight attendant. She explained that she met a handsome passenger when working as cabin crew that changed her life.

Mia in blue bikini
Mia earns a fortune as a model

Mia said: "He was my passenger and I was his flight attendant, and the flight from TLV to LAX is 17 and a half hours." The pair chatted throughout the journey and then met up whenever she was in LA for sex.

When Covid hit she started working an an OnlyFans model both alone and with the handsome passenger. Nowadays, Mia is a hit online and has over 520,000 Instagram followers.