Mission Impossible star Emmanuelle Béart has been dubbed a "goddess" as she left fans stunned with a new look.

The French actress shot to global fame in 1996 with her breakout role in the first film of the American spy franchise. She starred alongside Tom Cruise as agent Ethan Hunt's first love interest, Claire Phelps, and the role quickly saw her dubbed one of the hottest women in Hollywood.

But while it marked her big break in the US, Emmanuelle's character didn't survive the first film. So while Tom Cruise has gone on to reprise his role for another seven Mission Impossible films, including one due to be released in 2025, Emmanuelle never returned to the franchise.

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The 60-year-old actress looks totally unrecognisable from the iconic role after ditching her long brown locks for a new hairdo. She now has bright blonde hair and recently took the dramatic transformation even further by chopping it into a short bob.

Emmanuelle Béart now
Emmanuelle recently chopped her hair into a short bob

She took to Instagram to share a picture of the new look. The actress showed off her freckled complexion as she appeared to go makeup-free for the natural shot.

She wore a simple grey shirt paired with some statement necklaces as she leaned against a bright white wall and stared at the camera. While she had the same bold dark brows she did when she starred in Mission Impossible, her long dark hair had been replaced with a bright blonde bob.

The mum of three revealed she'd chopped her hair, which now sits above her shoulder, even shorter while her children were off school. "Cut it all off ... Cut everything .... Week off... school holidays," she captioned the post.

Emmanuelle Béart as Claire Phelps in Mission Impossible
She didn't return for the Mission Impossible sequels

Her fans loved the new look. "Very pretty Emmanuelle it enhances your magnificent look," one person commented.

Another agreed: "Love the cut!" A third added: "I love 'real' pictures. You look beautiful"

Others told the star she always looked "beautiful". "Always beautiful Emmanuelle short or long hair your face does not change," one fan wrote. A second said: "Emmanuelle, you are as Beautiful as ever!"

A third commented: "Goddess..now and forever." Back in 2012, Emmanuelle opened up about how her appearance had changed since she starred in Mission Impossible as she admitted to undergoing a "botched" cosmetic procedure.

Emmanuelle Beart
She admitted to having work done in 2012

She revealed she was insecure about her mouth and decided to have it changed when she found it "unbearable" to live with — but the decision ended badly. "I had my mouth done when I was 27. It was a botched job," she told French newspaper Le Monde.

After that, Emmanuelle swore off more cosmetic procedures and has returned to a more natural look. While Mission Impossible is still the role the actress is most famous for, she has continued to be a big French movie star since and has starred in dozens of films.

Emmanuelle Béart
Emmanuelle recently revealed she was the victim of incest as a child

Emmanuelle also recently co-directed a documentary titled Such a Resounding Silence, which tells the story of four incest victims. During the documentary, which was screened at a press event last month, Emmanuelle revealed she was also a victim of incest as a child.

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