The trailer for Terrifier 3 has been released and horror fans have been left terrified everywhere.

The highly anticipated scare fest is the third in the franchise and will focus on the antics of the blood-curdling Art the Clown, a mysterious serial killer with supernatural powers. The setting has been moved from Halloween to Christmas, adding a scare to the festive season.

The trailer shows Art as a spine-chilling version of Santa Claus and opens with a little girl wandering downstairs and finding him in the place of Santa on Christmas morning. Director Damien Leone has promised fans that this film will be the scariest and darkest film yet.

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Excited fans flocked to the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter after the horror was released. One person said: "Already an iconic horror legend #Terrifier3." While another penned: "The fact that he has a gun honestly makes him so scary."

Terrifier 3
Fans have been left terrified by the chilling teaser

A third fan commented: "I think Die Hard is about to get dethroned as the greatest Christmas movie ever!" And a fourth said: "I really enjoyed the violence in the last two #Terrifier films but man, the teaser of #Terrifier3 is just... are they really gonna do it?"

Art the Clown is played by David Howard Thornton and his character has gained a cult-like following from horror fans since the first film was released in 2016. The first movie follows two sisters Tara and Victoria who try to escape his murderous ways.

Terrifier 3
A little girl finds the scary clown in the place of Santa

The second was released in 2022 and follows the killer clown one year later as he hunts down teenage girl Sienna and her brother Jonathan on Halloween. There were some disconcerting scenes in the sequel including one part where Victoria gave birth to the clown’s living head.

Both films had a disturbing ending where the audience finally thought that Art had been killed before he returned in a gruesome manner. The horror movie was a success and raked in more than £12million ($15m), a huge profit for the low-budget film.

If you want to watch the scary horror movie, it will be released on October 25 2024, and later on the streaming service Screambox.

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