A new report reveals how long men really last in bed.

It's easy to feel insecure about your performance when you watch a lot of porn. In adult movies, erotic stars seem to have unlimited stamina and self control.

But according to survey results by men's health service Pilot, this really isn't an accurate reflection of real life. And that could be a concern as a third of male participants admitted to watching blue movies at least once weekly.

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Blokes typically last five-and-a-half minutes during sex, which is half the amount of time they would like to manage. Unfortunately, this can lead to some feeling inadequate in the bedroom.

Speaking about the research, Dr Ben Condon told news.com.au: “Porn, particularly in the absence of sufficient sex education, perpetuates unrealistic and unhealthy expectations of sex and intimate relationships.

“This unnecessarily increases the incidence of shame and anxiety in one’s ‘performance’ while also encouraging unhealthy, and at times disrespectful, relationships.”

Romantic young couple in bed. Man and woman in bed making love.
People could have a skewed perception of what sex should be like if they watch too much porn

Some men are even trying to copy acts they see in porn to please their partners. But experts warn against doing this, with Dr Condon explaining it can actually do more harm than good.

He said: “Fundamentally, porn is not representative of healthy sexual relationships. It perpetuates unrealistic expectations on performance, body image and normalises aggression, extreme behaviours and in some cases violence while also minimising the need for consent.

“Over time, this ultimately impacts our perception of healthy sexual relationships, what’s ‘normal’ and can lead to decreased arousal, performance anxiety and erectile dysfunction.”

So how do you get past the issue? Dr Condon recommends cutting back on the amount of porn you watch.

Instead, he advises having more open and honest conversations with your partner about sex. That way, you can relieve the pressure you feel to "perform".

It may also give you a safe forum to discuss any problems you're experiencing – or encourage some to seek help from a professional if they have medical concerns.

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