Boffins reckon your weight loss journey could be as easy as munching berries.

A New Zealand blackcurrant extract can mimic the effects of exercise to increase fat-burning rates at rest to more than 60%. Mark Willems lead the research.

Mark, who is the professor in exercise physiology at the University of Chichester, said the research could lead to adults losing more than 3st of fat over a year without breaking a sweat.

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In the study, researchers tested 16 healthy and physically active males at rest after 14 days' intake of 600mg of the berry extract.

Ripe home-grown blackcurrants (Ribes nigrum) ready to be picked.
The study looked into berries

It discovered that the average fat burning increase was 21% with one individual response of 61%. Three out of four people also improved fat burning capacity during the study.

Mark said: "This is extraordinary data. If you're trying to increase all your healthy habits and using diet and exercise to lose weight, it can be a significant tool for those seeking fat loss, without doing anything extra."

Weight loss can be achieved in many ways, whether it's through a balanced diet or consistent exercise regime. So are you looking for more tips?

Previously, a fitness star revealed 10 ways to lose weight without ditching food. Lizzy High, 22, is known for sharing fitness advice online.

Shot of an overweight man looking content while balancing his beer on his stomach
Boffins claimed people could lose weight with the tip

She said there are ways you can transform your bod that still allow you to enjoy life. You just have to adapt your mindset a little.

The fitness guru said it's more about finding what you can add to your diet to fuel your energy. Obviously, you can't just binge on foods you love, but it's all about balance.

She showed how her bod has toned up in recent months by sticking to a few rules, and she looks amazing.

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