Weighing scales don't tell you everything you need to know about your body - and one woman has proved it.

Isabelle Morris, AKA Fitness for Lazy Girls to her 90,000 Instagram followers, is known for sharing fitness advice online. She often posts body positive content as she wants women to know they can look amazing without restricting what they eat all the time.

Recently she showed just why we shouldn't rely on the number on the scales to feel good about ourselves. This is because they may tell you how much you weigh, but there's a lot they can't tell you about your progress.

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She recently shared three snaps of herself to show how her body has changed over the years. In 2016 she weighed 132lbs, in 2018 she weighed 142lbs and in 2023 she weighs 149lbs.

The most amazing part of her transformation is she looks her strongest and is more toned now, when she weighs a little more. This shows just how the weighing scales don't tell you everything.

Isabelle Morris, AKA Fitness for Lazy Girls, showed off how her body has changed over the years
Isabelle showed off how her body has changed over the years

You need to eat well and follow a balanced diet to be strong, and to be able to put your all into workouts. Perhaps this explains why her body has changed in the way it has.

Writing on Instagram, Isabelle said: "2016 – I was already two years into working out, but I was doing only cardio and restricting heavily. This is when I decided to start weight lifting and tracking macros and focus on getting STRONGER rather than smaller.

"2018 - at this point, I was weight training consistently and had gone through a few bulk/cut cycles. I had gained a ton of muscle from where I’d started and had a much less restrictive mindset toward food.

"Although at first glance some people might say this weight gain looks like progress in the wrong direction, I made huge mental growth over these two years and these years were so essential to my journey.

"2023 - five more years of consistently showing up for myself, finding a balanced approach that works for me and helping hundreds of women do the same."

Isabelle Morris, AKA Fitness for Lazy Girls, showed off how her body has changed over the years
She focuses on living a balanced lifestyle to help build her strength

She added: "Let this be your reminder that the scale can’t measure everything. That means body recomposition, but it also means mental growth. My fitness journey has been so much more than a physical journey and that’s what makes it special.

"Change takes time, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. The time will pass either way, may as well make it count join my coaching family if you need a little guidance getting there!!"

Since she shared the post more than 1,000 people have liked it, and her followers were quick to comment too. People praised her for drawing attention to the matter, and also told her how great they thought she looked too.

One person said: "You can definitely see how exhausted you were back in 2016. I used to be the same way, your page is definitely helping me to heal my relationship with food!"

Another added: "Insane progress queen." A third replied: "Always a queen, just stronger now."

Meanwhile, a fourth commented: "Hey this is what my body type is too yay – you look awesome."

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