Age is just a number – especially when it comes to sexual fantasies.

Lisa Ann Corpora was only 18-years-old when she started working in the adult entertainment industry as a dancer. She then went onto star in MILF roles as she got older, and totally loved it.

She recently revealed just how much zest it brought to her life, as being in control made her feel empowered. Taking charge of men in the bedroom is something she grew to love.

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Lisa Ann recently spoke to while she was in Melbourne for Sexpo. Last week, she said: "The term MILF came around the same time as Desperate Housewives, when it was super hot to see the stay-at-home wife hook up with the gardener. It was normal. It was fun. It was cute.

"But it was also a way to elongate our careers. We didn’t know if there was going to be work for us past a certain age.

Lisa Ann Corpora opened up about why she loved making saucy content as an older woman
She's been working in the industry since she was just 18-years-old

"The MILF is in control. I think for a lot of women as we get older in the business that’s what we want."

What was great about playing the role was that the scenes were a lot less graphic and intense than what Lisa Ann previously saw as the "stereotypical norm" in adult entertainment. As well as this, she liked the costume side of the character, as it often involved outfits such as detailed lingerie and wrap dresses.

She said it was "very much her style", which made her feel right at home. Lisa Ann just felt comfortable making the content, and she loved taking the reins in the bedroom too.

According to Pornhub’s Mother’s Day report, MILF is a super popular category in general, but it tends to jump by 7.8% on Mothering Sunday. It was also reported that people under 44 search the category less than those over 45.

Lisa Ann Corpora opened up about why she loved making saucy content as an older woman
Lisa Ann also wants safe sex to be promoted more within adult content

When it comes to changes in the industry, Lisa Ann also told she hopes to see consent and safe sex promoted more in saucy films. She believes everyone should carry protection, and is a big believer in championing sex education.

At the time, she said: "I wish that every scene would come up with a disclaimer informing people the talent is tested. I wish we would use the opportunity because it’s important, because there’s nothing worse than the stories I read of somebody that’s only had two or three partners, and now is 21 years old and has herpes and has to explain this to every partner for the rest of their life.

"There’s nothing wrong with consent conversations before you actually have sex with somebody. It’s not sanitising the experience. It’s actually using your voice to have the experience curated the way you want it."

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