An adult star who went vial online for bonking a taxi driver and 'getting him sacked' revealed there's more to the story than you think.

In a now-deleted TiKTok, Australian content creator Kay Manuel told her audience she got a taxi driver sacked after filming herself having sex with him down an alleyway and sharing the footage online.

The brunette beauty told her follower she was 'slightly tipsy' on the way home from a nightclub with friends and started a conversation with her driver - asking him whether he’d seen her racy material online.

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Kay, 21, said: “When I told him that it was what I did for work, he was very intrigued and I got the sense that he’d be receptive to filming a video with me… So I outright asked him! He was very taken aback, but he was definitely interested… So my friend went back up to the hotel room and he drove us to an alleyway. I filmed us and then went back."

Kay Manuel poses in a red bikini
She's revealed there's more to the story

She added: “Still to this day I have him on Snapchat. He used to hit me up quite regularly. But I was like, nope, never again.”

After garnering such a huge response from sharing her experience on TikTok, Kay shared a green screen video that showed a news article in the background titled: 'Queensland driver sacked for filming adult content'.

However, she now revealed the article was fake, and said she created it as part of a 'PR strategy'. "The article part was not real," she said. "I Photoshopped the background because honestly, I just needed some drama, but it would have been easy to verify by Googling the article, or even looking closely at the image.

Kay Manuel poses in a black dress
She didn't tell the whole truth online
Kay Manuel poses in a black lingerie
Kay says creating content for OnlyFans is a business like any other

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“A huge part of my job is marketing myself, and I won’t feel bad for doing it in the best way possible! Whatever gets people talking, right?”

Kay says that if there's one thing she wants people to know, it’s that creating content for OnlyFans is a business like any other.

“People love to hate OnlyFans creators for marketing stunts, but ultimately if it puts money in my account, that’s okay with me," she said. "I will continue doing what I’m doing and I won't stop for anyone."