Controversial designer behemoth Balenciaga has been savagely mocked for releasing a towel costing fashion disciples an eye-watering £695.

If forking out several hundred pounds on a towel wasn't barmy enough, the high-end Italian brand has faced a wave of mockery on social media for modelling said fabric as part of an outfit. Summing up much of the reaction was one woman who commented: "A TOWEL SKIRT AS A FASHION STATEMENT?!?! Please THATS SO UGLY why balenciaga ?????"

So, as the tabloid home of fun stuff, we at the Daily Star dusted off our very own personalised towel to test out the supposedly trendy new look in public.

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Balenciaga towel
The £695 towel skirt in all its glory

Like any radical new fashion idea, wearing a towel around one's waist anywhere other than after a shower or swim, will get some getting used to. Even inside and out the Tate Modern where I wasn't the only one pushing new trends to their limits.

To complete the look I dug out some sporty sunglasses I've somehow held onto (but I promise never worn) for about 20 years, popped up my hood and draped the unmistakable red towel around a pair of baggy cargo trousers as inspired by Balenciaga.

Charles Wadepalmer in towel
As you can see, the towel proved to be quite the head-turner

Gazes and baffled looks were coming at me from all angles the moment I began wrapping the towel around me on London's Millennium Bridge. Amid the confusion of passers-by and me alike, two things about my new look took me by surprise.

Firstly, who knew it would be so insulating? I mean seriously, on a chilly late afternoon in November my legs were suddenly toasty. I can't comment on the warmth of Balenciaga's £695 edition but I can vouch for the Daily Star's as of yet not for sale beach sheet. Then I was hit by a sudden realisation. Prancing around with a towel maintaining a cosy temperature all the way down to my shins, is just the fashion-ification of older folk at sporting events sitting down with blankets neatly tucked around them. I won't hold my breath in seeing Doris and Deardry getting the credit they deserve by Balenciaga.

Charles Wadepalmer in towel
Nice and snug

In fact, the fashion house offers absolute no sell, angle or description to their latest in a long line of divisive products. Rather its specifications outline that unlike the Daily Star's, the designer towel skirt is purpose made as a skirt. Boasting, 'two buttons at waistline inside and an adjustable belt with buckle inside'.

Yet my experience of walking around in a towel over clothes for the first time tells me those Balenciaga additions are simply not necessary. I was happily surprised at how stable our towel felt around my waist, having expected it to slip with every step and demand adjusting.

Balenciaga model
It's certainly a look but not one you'll catch me embracing any time soon

Another fear of mine was whether my tying of the towel would reveal enough of the infamous Daily Star branding. You can imagine my relief then, when a gentleman who clearly knew a thing or two about style and fun newspapers gave me some welcome feedback on the bridge. "Is that Daily Star?" he asked. I confirmed for him to give me all the affirmation I could ever want. "Looks sexy," he complimented.

The humiliation of sniggering and double takes evaporated for the Daily Star's venture into high fashion had been validated and all for a snip of our Spanish rival's towel skirt. Will I be donning such a look again? Absolutely not but I learned wearing a towel around trousers in cooler climbs has its perks, £695 worth of perks? I don't think so.

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