One of the best parts of Christmas is the food.

It's lovely to be with family, share gifts with friends and raise a glass or two - but it's also the time of year when we're not afraid to stuff our faces. It truly is the time to eat, drink and be merry.

One of the things most people will be looking forward to is tucking into their Christmas dinner. From turkey to pigs in blankets to cranberry sauce - the much-anticipated meal really is one to celebrate.

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But this year one supermarket is shaking up the menu by stuffing the entire meal into a pie. Iceland is flogging a pie filled with an entire Christmas dinner. Dubbed the Festive Pie, it comes in at £1.50 a pop and is said to hit the festive foodie spot.

Inside you'll find the contents of a Christmas Dinner including diced turkey, sage and onion stuffing, diced smoked bacon, diced Brussel sprouts, sweetened dried cranberries and a pork cocktail sausage wrapped in smoked streaky bacon. If that doesn't sound tempting enough - it's even topped off with a buttery puff pastry lid.

If you're someone who likes a good roast, it sounds like the offering will be something to tempt your taste buds this festive season.

The pie is available at the supermarket for only £1.50
The pie is available at the supermarket for only £1.50

Andrew Staniland, Group Buying Director at Iceland Foods & The Food Warehouse, said: "Since we launched the Festive Pie in 2019, we have been inundated with customers asking for its return, so we’re delighted to bring it back this year.

"An entire Christmas dinner encased in puff pastry. What’s not to love? Perfect for those who want a slice of the festive action ahead of Christmas Day, we are already seeing shoppers stock up."

The Festive Pie is available in-store and online at Iceland. You can also pick one up at The Food Warehouse while stock lasts.

To find out more about the pies, or the entire festive range, visit the supermarket website.

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