Britney Spears fans were left seething after her sister Jamie Lynn told her I'm A Celebrity campmates a tale about the singer losing out on an award.

Fans of the ITV show have been waiting to see if the Zoey 101 actress will talk about her superstar sister, who she's thought to have had a bit of a tricky relationship with in recent years and amid Britney's conservatorship. She finally let a Britney story slip during Tuesday's show (21 November), sharing how the singer lost out on a Grammy to rival Christina Aguilera.

Asking her fellow campers if they wanted to hear about something "really embarrassing", Jamie Lynn explained that Britney had been up for her first Grammy and that everyone had been so sure she'd win that there had been cameras at their home waiting to capture their reaction. "She lost," she said. "I just remember being like, this is c***!" she added.

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READ MORE: Want more TV? Daily Star has just the thing for you!

While fans and Jamie Lynn's fellow campers clearly lapped up the little glimpse into the Toxic singer's life, many people were unimpressed about the tale she had chosen to tell. "Jamie Lynn Spears fails to mention that Britney had won every single other major award that year," one person pointed out on X.

Jamie Lynn Spears
Jamie Lynn is starring on the ITV show

Another asked: "So the only story Jamie can tell about Britney is when she lost an award to Christina??? Why the hell are you telling this personal story about Britney feeling heartbroken."

"Jamie Lynn even started the convo with 'you know what was funny' and threw shade at Britney," claimed someone else. "Oh Jamie Lynn honey, I KNOW you’re not trying to tell loving anecdotes about Britney..." posted one viewer.

Jamie Lynn Spears
Jamie Lynn told her campmates a tale about her sister

"Jamie Lynn talking about the Christina Grammy moment is going to send the Britney Twitter stans into a meltdown," one fan predicted. Somebody else joked: "Jamie Lynn Spears and Sam (Thompson) talking about Britney missing out on her award and Sam missing out on his for his podcast I can really relate, I missed out on getting a spelling bee award in primary school I was devastated."

Others were just happy to hear a story about the pop princess. One wrote: "Always here for the Britney chat!! Keep it coming!"

"She’s talking about Britney let's go," said another.

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