I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! star Nella Rose came to blows with Fred Sirieix in a tense confrontation during Tuesday's episode (November 21).

YouTuber Nella, 26, explained in the Bush Telegraph that the First Dates star had offended her after making a remark about being her father. She said: "Last night after dinner Fred made a comment about him basically how he could be my dad.

"I took offence to that because one of the first conversations we had together was me opening up about the fact that my dad’s passed away." Back in camp, the 51-year-old insisted Nella eat something before she snapped back: "Right, so why does he keep calling me?"

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The influencer continued in the Bush Telegraph: "I didn’t say anything about it last night because I was kind of just annoyed about it. So I slept on it and I kind of thought about it and I was just like, this is not the kind of person I want to be around."

Nella fumed over Fred's "hurtful" remark
Nella fumed over Fred's "hurtful" remark

Fred later approached Nella asking if she wanted to eat. "Can you leave me alone?" she simply replied. Asked what he's said to offend her, Nella responded: "You know that my mum’s dead, and you know that my dad’s dead.

"You know that, right? I’ve come to find out that every time I wanna get creative around the fire, or I want to have something my way, my own food that I am entitled to, my way, you tend to get an attitude, right?"

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She went on: "So yesterday, when I wanted to burn fat that you were going to throw away anyways, it’s not even something that we needed to survive in camp, you turned around to me, with an attitude and said, ‘You know I could be your dad, right?’ To me, I don’t care how you said it to me, it’s disrespectful and I don’t want to talk to you. I don’t want to be around you."

The TV star told Fred that his comment hurt her feelings and she would rather stay away from him, adding: "I don’t want to eat your food, I don’t want to talk to you. We can just live, you live on that side, I live on this side.”

Fred apologised, insisting he didn't mean to offend Nella and attempted to explain what he meant by the comment. The Million Pound Menu star said: "I only said that in a way because I am older than you, I am 51 and you’re 26."

His explanation is far from what Nella wanted to hear as she hit back: "I’m not stupid, you’re not going to little girl me, you’re not."

Nella appeared to cut all ties with the First Dates star
Nella appeared to cut all ties with the First Dates star

"Nella, it wasn’t like that at all," Fred replied. "Either I made a mistake and I said something and I offended you, I’m really sorry. I’m really sorry you feel like this." While Nella declared that she accepted Fred's apology, she made it clear she wants no involvement with him in camp, even refusing to eat food cooked by him.

The French maître d'hôtel admitted he thought Nella's distant behaviour was due to her being tired and made a final attempt to apologise. "If I made a faux pas, unwillingly, unconsciously, I am very sorry," he said. "But this was all it was. That’s all it was. If you want to take it to the nth degree and not speak to me anymore, it’s your choice."

Nella concluded the conversation with: "You only get one chance to disrespect me. I accept your apology but let’s not be friends. How about that?"

Fans raced to support Fred after the confrontation
Fans raced to support Fred after the confrontation

Fans raced to social media to share their thoughts on the confrontation, with one writing: "I have sympathy for Nella of course, but what the actual f**k…? It’s clear that’s absolutely not what Fred meant?" A second added: "I’m in utter shocK. From what I just witnessed. Poor Fred, he was literally just saying “oh i’m old enough to be your dad” how can she twist that so much…what a weird human."

Another fumed: "I liked Nella but that’s bang out of order. Gaslighting Fred when he clearly meant no offence, stop voting her for trials and giving her airtime." Echoing this, a fourth penned: "Nella has embarrassed herself majorly there. Fred didn't mean no offence and she knows it. Just wanted to make a scene out of nothing."

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