It can be really tough to lose weight.

But one gym expert said there are ways to achieve weight loss without cutting out all the foods you love. Lizzy High, 22, from north London, is more commonly known as Liz Bites Back to her over 320,000 Instagram followers – and she has some great advice.

She said there are ways you can transform your bod that still allow you to enjoy life. You just have to adapt your mindset a little.

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The fitness guru said there are 10 things you can do to transform your bod and tone it up. They are all quite simple, and it's not about ditching food.

It's more about finding what you can add to your diet to fuel your energy. Obviously, you can't just binge on foods you love, but it's all about balance.

She showed how her bod has toned up in recent months by sticking to a few rules, and she looks amazing.

Lizzy shared tips on how you can tone up without restricting your diet too much
Lizzy shared tips on how you can tone up without restricting your diet too much

Writing on Instagram, Lizzy said: "10 things you can do to build muscle and lose fat without being restrictive. Follow a structured programme. Get enough accumulated volume in areas you want to see most muscle progression e.g. enough reps sets.

"Eat enough protein!!! (this not only helps with recovery but it also has the highest thermic effect of food so you burn more when eating it). But this doesn't mean you don't eat carbs or fats. You need a balance of ALL.

"Have the ‘what can I add in mindset’, rather than what you can restrict. Be in a small calorie deficit. I would start between 100–300kcals.

"Aim for a step goal. You want to get that energy expenditure up and as well as it’s good your mental health and digestion.

"Make sure to eat all food groups. Don't be restrictive. It's not healthy and you won't be able to stick to it so you will be back to square one before you know it."

Lizzy High has warned people about the dangers of dieting
Lizzy now helps people to get fit without imposing too many restrictions

She added: "Drink 2.5-3L of water per day. Don't slave away doing cardio. Doing some cardio is fab to keep your energy expenditure high and for your heart health but, doing loads will be counterproductive.

"Train to near failure with your main compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts etc. Don't skip social events. No goal is worth missing out on life. Just stop being lazy and plan in advance so you don't miss your workouts etc.

"Progressive overload with your exercises AKA up the intensity over time."

Since she shared the post several people have liked it, and her followers were quick to comment too. Lizzy has been dubbed "amazing" by her fans, who often thank her for sharing useful fitness tips.

One person said: "Love this! I think the step goal has been the biggest asset for me. Desk worker here!" Another added: "This is my goal."

A third replied: "Yess super helpful." Meanwhile, a fourth commented: "The best advice always."

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