A primary school teacher who finally feels sexy in clothes and immeasurably more confident is now known by her pals as the “dressy one” after dropping six stone.

Glamorous Amy Hodgson took to TikTok in recent weeks to share contrasting before and after photos to the amazement of social media users who praised her transformation.

The 28-year-old, from Liverpool, slimmed down four years ago – and has now spoken to Daily Star about how different her life is today thanks to her stunning makeover.

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amy hodgson
The Year 2 teacher used to weigh almost 15st

She told us: “I am a completely different person. I’m just more confident going on holiday, going on nights out.

“I am comfortable with my boyfriend and I want him to show me off and be proud of the woman I now am. I feel sexy in clothing and I appreciate every inch of my body even though it has changed drastically.”

And reflecting on the pictures of her former body, she added: “I can’t believe that it’s actually me. Thinking back to four years ago before I started my journey I felt lost, not my normal bubbly self.

“I avoided my friends and family and social events because I hated people seeing how I looked. I was ashamed, so when I look back at pictures I can see all the pain that I was hiding.

“But I am definitely a more confident person now since losing weight. I am now more inclined to buy influencer clothing because I know it will look good because I am a similar weight and build to the influencers.

amy hodgson
The stunner lost the weight after joining Slimming World
amy hodgson
Amy now loves dressing up and showing off her enviable figure

"I am always making plans with my friends and getting dressed up on any occasion I can. My friends know me as the dressy one.”

It was a moment of humiliation that inspired Amy to make big dietary changes after she went to the Blue Lagoon with her boyfriend for what was meant to be a dream holiday.

But after taking a memorable dip, the experience was instantly ruined when she was handed an XXL robe. Despite feeling ashamed, it made her join Slimming World after returning from holiday.

At the time she weighed 14st and 12lbs but after ditching takeaway kebabs and bottles of Coke for healthier dinners like salmon with rice and veg she eventually lost 5st and 13.5lbs.

amy hodgson
Amy pictured before she transformed her appearance
amy hodgson
She maintains her fitness with a 5k run every Saturday while going to the gym four times a week

Amy now has three meals a day focusing on protein and calorie intake while aiming for 10,000 steps and she goes to the gym to train different muscle groups four times a week. She also maintains her health and fitness with a 5km run with her pals every Saturday.

And as for how her boyfriend now feels about her having being there throughout the journey, she said: “He is so proud of me. He always said he loves me regardless of my weight but he loves the way I sparkle now.

“He used me as his own motivator when he’s feeling uncomfortable about his weight. He always thinks if I can do it and keep it off so can he. He is my biggest cheerleader.”

And while he is her biggest cheerleader, the teacher is now offering the same support to other people looking to lose some weight.

But with Christmas approaching, is now a bad time to start a health and fitness journey? Amy doesn’t believe so.

amy hodgson
Amy is now living her best life and wants to get into weight training in 2024

She explained: “I would say make those small changes now. Then you can always ramp it up after Christmas. There are seven weeks until Christmas and that’s a lot.

“It’s enough to make small changes that will contribute towards that end goal. I never think ‘start after Christmas’ because by that time you are pushing the starting boundary further than you are now. So make those small changes now.”

Amy herself began with small changes but she could not be more satisfied with the mammoth results.

Concluding our interview, she said: “I am so proud. Every morning I wake up and think how different life could be if I didn’t take those first few steps four years ago.

“I do have stretch marks and I am so proud of them because they are a reminder of how well I have done and what I have achieved. I am grateful for the inspiring people around me and on social media.”

To keep up to date with Amy’s journey on TikTok, you can do so here.