Coronation Street fans couldn’t help but share their concerns for Amy Barlow after she made a dangerous decision that could leave to a sudden exit.

The beloved character has had a tough time on the ITV cobbles this year after she was raped by her flatmate, Aaron Sandford. Over the past few months, the brunette beauty has been taking efforts to stand up against sexual assault.

This week, viewers saw her take to the streets as she protested against spiking and the rise in rape cases. But her recent actions have put her found her in hot water.

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On Wednesday (November 15), the student threw a can of paint all over the officer’s car when he asked them to put an end to their protest. And things only went from bad to worse during her recent visit to a nightclub on Friday (November 17).

Viewers saw Amy spot a man drugging a woman's drink when she wasn't looking at the bar. Luckily, the cobbles favourite managed to stop her from taking a sip of the spiked drink when she deliberately bumped into her, spilling her beverage all over her outfit.

When she took her to the bathroom to dry off her top, Amy warned her to stay away from the mystery man. When the woman left the club, she decided to get revenge by flirting with the hunk, later named Dan, until he spiked her drink.

When the assailant wasn't looking, the student swapped their drinks to "give him a taste of his own medicine." But things quickly escalated when Dan struggled to stay conscious outside of the club before she called her pal Aadi Alahan to pick them up.

She stopped a woman's drink from being spiked
She stopped a woman's drink from being spiked

Aadi insisted on taking the partygoer to hospital after spotting something wasn't right. Nurses soon rushed to his aid when his heartrate dropped worryingly low due to the overdose.

It was at this point that it dawned on Amy that her actions could have killed him. Hours later, the police attended the hospital and interrogated the pair. Aadi swiftly told the police that he accidentally drugged himself by drinking the wrong drink at the club.

New spoilers have revealed that things are set to get worse for Amy when she is questioned further by the police in upcoming episodes. It's not clear if Dan wakes up, but DS Swain is determined to get to the bottom of the situation.

Amy and Aadi rushed the partygoer to hospital
Amy and Aadi rushed the partygoer to hospital

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As she is questioned by detectives, she is warned her actions could land her up to five years behind bars. It didn't take long before fans flooded to the social media platform X - formerly known as Twitter - to share their concerns online.

One user warned: "Not looking good for Amy (and Aadi) now is it? [sad emoji] #Corrie." Another agreed: "Amy is the new female vigilante! #Corrie."

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