Coronation Street fans are sure Asha Alahan is in for a devastating fate after growing close to her new colleague Isla.

Asha is currently training as a paramedic, and grew close to her new co-worker – even introducing her to girlfriend Nina and brother Aadi. While Nina was determined to get Aadi and Isla to hook up, Isla was more interested in discussing work with Asha, much to Nina’s disappointment.

Clearly jealous, Nina thinks something romantic could be going on between the pair – and plenty of fans agree. However, others think Isla could be up to something darker than just romance, as they worked out her ‘dark secret’.

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Taking to Reddit, one user speculated: “So, I'm a few episodes behind, but it's pretty obvious that a relationship will develop between Asha and her new colleague whom she keeps mentioning (Isla?)....yay, another relationship challenge.”

Coronation Street fans think Isla is up to no good

But someone else quickly responded: “She'll be up to something (they always are), probably end up in some sort of drugs plot sooner rather than later and drag Asha into it.” Though another fan wrote: “They certainly seemed to have a lot more chemistry than she ever had with Nina.”

Another Reddit user echoed: “She could just have a big crush on her. It could even blow up in her face. Lots of trauma bonding at work and I can only imagine what being a paramedic must be like.

“I have some pretty close yet 100% platonic relationships with my coworkers but we have all been there +10 years. Luckily my partner isn't jealous even when we take group trips.”

Asha could be in deep trouble

Meanwhile, some other eagle-eyed fans spotted a totally different link. With Asha’s pal Amy Barlow breaking down in front of one woman who came to discuss her rape experience, some think they recognised the woman as Isla, who later showed up to meet with Asha and Nina.

“I wonder if Isla is the girl Amy is talking to?” one X – formerly Twitter – user posted. While another replied: “Ooh this would be good actually!”

Her girlfriend Nina has been getting jealous

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Elle Mulvaney, who plays Amy on the cobbles, recently opened up about the future for her character, telling ITV ’s Lorraine: “Amy sees herself almost as this saviour type person, she wants to stop other girls and women going through what she went though. So I think that's why she obviously sets out on this path to basically find the people who are doing this and put a stop to it herself."

She added: "I think Amy's really struggled off the back of the rape and she's really trying to find who she is now. Obviously the woman we saw before, she was really headstrong, she was really confident, really sassy. That's the beauty of this storyline that's coming up, we're starting to see bits of that start to come back because for a time, Amy was just really scared and confused and lost."

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