Coronation Street star Jack P Shepherd has admitted he would get one of his private parts cut off if he was pushed to.

Shepherd, who plays resident bad boy gone good David Platt on the ITV soap, made the gruesome admission together with his co-stars Colson Smith and Ben Price. Together, the trio have been delving into TV and film as they host the On the Sofa podcast.

During this week's edition of the show, the floor was opened to the public in a game of Would You Rather. In the game, Jack, 35, was asked whether he would have his eyes taken out or his manhood chopped off.

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Captioning the clip of the podcast, the trio wrote: "Those of a nervous disposition swipe on!" followed by an aubergine emoji. "This is what happens when we open up Would You Rather to the floor!"

Jack P Shepherd
David Platt actor Jack was adamant he would have his manhood chopped off

For Jack, however, the question was entirely simple, as he answered the question with confidence. "I'm obviously cutting off my d**k," he stated.

As co-hosts Colson and Ben listened on in horror, Jack continued: "Obviously, I'm not cutting out my f***ing eyes!" When asked the same question, Colson - who portrays young policeman Craig on the show - declined to reply to the question, grimacing: "I'm gonna abstain from answering."

But Shepherd was adamant to stick to his response, doubling down on his rationale. "You've gotta! You've gotta lose that," he insisted. "And they can actually sew it back on!"

Ben Price
Co-star Ben listened on in horror as Jack defended his position

Ben, who plays Jack's on-screen brother Nick Tilsley, burst into fits of laughter as the David actor continued on with his logic. Jack added that whilst it was impossible for doctors to reattach eyes, it was possible to rebuild a penis.

"You see them people who have come off their motorbike or whatever," he continued. "They've gone into some f***ing railings and it's chopped off."

He continued: "And then they go hospital on a stretcher and they get it put back on!" Colson was clearly shocked at what he was hearing, before quipping: "It's like 24 Hours in A&E!"

Colson Jack
Colson, who plays Craig on the ITV show, likened Jack's story to 24 Hours in A&E

Shepherd agreed with his co-star's sentiment, saying that the procedure is usually done in one clean "hack". Listening to his thought premise, Ben was left in an uncomfortable position as he tried to move onto the next question.

Finishing off his point, Jack remarked: "But for the eyes, you have to get one out. And then to make it worse, you've got to get the f**ing other one out too!"

Ben, Colson and Jack have been running the On the Sofa podcast since 2019. Then called the Sofa Cinema Club, the show involves the Corrie co-stars reviewing a film or TV show as well as additional hijinks and games.

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