Coronation Street fans have been gripped to their screens for the past few weeks as romance blossoms between Amy Barlow and Aadi Alahan.

It’s fair to say both characters – played by Elle Mulvaney and Adam Hussain – have had a difficult year on the ITV cobbles. At the start of the year, Amy was raped by her housemate Aaron Sandford but the star never got justice for his crime.

While Amy recovered from the life-changing trauma, Aadi struggled with his own hardships when he started dating businesswoman Courtney Vance. The pair embarked on a sizzling affair behind her husband’s back.

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But their love couldn’t last forever, with the blonde bombshell abandoning him just weeks after moving in together. In recent weeks, the pair have grown closer while supporting each other through their heartache.

Corrie's Amy and Aadi romance set to blossom ‘by Christmas’ despite 'obstacles'
Corrie's Amy and Aadi romance set to blossom ‘by Christmas’ despite 'obstacles'

Last week, the duo found themselves in hot water due to Amy’s revenge plot against drink spiker Dan backfired. They are currently the subject of a police investigation after Aadi convinced Amy to take Dan to hospital after drugging him and tying him up at an industrial estate.

After a gruelling interview, Amy rushed home to thank Aadi for his support which led to a romantic kiss. Now, Daily Star has quizzed one of the world’s most popular artificially intelligent ‘creative’ tools Bard AI through its paces to see if the couple will end up together.

When asked if the pair could start dating in the near future, the program hinted that the duo could take their relationship to the next level by Christmas. It explained: “It’s certainly possibly that Amy and Aadi could get together by Christmas on Coronation Street.

The pair have been growing closer recently
The pair have been growing closer recently

“There’s been a lot of flirting and tension between them lately, and they seem to have a lot in common. They’re both kind, caring, and supportive of each other.

“Plus, they have a history together which could help them build a strong foundation for a relationship.” The program went on to highlight some issues the pair could face if they wanted their romance to flourish.

It went on: “Of course, there are also some obstacles that Amy and Aadi would need to overcome in order to get together. Amy is still dealing with the trauma of her assault by Aaron, she may not be ready to open herself up to a new relationship.

“And Aadi is still young and impressionable, so he may be easily swayed by the opinions of his friends and family.” But the programme added that despite these obstacles, the couple could still make things work.

The duo will have to overcome obstacles
The duo will have to overcome obstacles

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It added: “Despite these challenges, I think there’s a real chance that Amy and Aadi could find their way to each other by Christmas. They’re both good people who deserve to be happy, and I hope they can find it with each other.

“I would also like to add that the writers of Coronation Street are very good at writing slow-burn romances, so I am confident that they will give Amy and Aadi’s story the time and attention that it deserves.” Fans will need to stay tuned to see if the pair will take their friendship to the next level or not.

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