Jim Carrey was forced to 'moon' a co-star whilst making a film in order to get the shot the director wanted.

The actor is one of the most renowned comedic actors in Hollywood, known for his brash and over-the-top style of comedy.

He is also committed to the bit when filming - whatever the 'bit' may be, be it in any of his hit films such as The Truman Show, The Mask or Yes Man.

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But whilst filming for one of his biggest movies, Jim, now 61, was made to take his skills to the next level.

Carrey was shooting scenes for his film Dumb and Dumber when the incredibly strange event took place.

Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels
Dumb and Dumber starred Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels as its main cast

In the film, Jim played the role of Lloyd Christmas, a loveable "himbo" who is best friends with Harry Dunne, played by fellow actor Jeff Daniels.

A smaller actor in the cast was Cam Neely, a well-respected ice hockey player for the NHL.

Neely took on the role of Sea Bass, a member of a group of truckers that the idiot pair run into in the midst of their adventure.

But speaking on the Spittin' Chiclets podcast, Neely revealed that Jim was pushed to 'moon' him in order to get the right shot.

Cam explained that whilst filming the movie in 1993, he had been struggling to show the right amount of surprise that directors had wanted.

"You have the stall walls and the door and then where the back wall and the toilet would be is the camera setup and the director and the guy filming," Neely said.

Jim Carrey
Jim offered to help Cam loosen up after he got stressed at filming

Jim was supposedly sat on a milk crate in the corner of the set when they filmed the scene.

"So, I kick the door open, and I’m supposed to have this surprised look on my face. [And the director’s like,] ‘Cut, Cam, can you get a little bit more of a shocked look on your face?’"

Neely agreed and after several takes, he felt panicked as they had not gotten the exact amount of surprise director Peter Farrelly had imagined.

He added that he had started to doubt himself whilst on the set, saying: "I got Jim Carrey sitting on a milk crate, he’s making 10 million or whatever the hell he did for that movie, and I’m like, wasting everybody’s time.”

Cam insisted though that Jim was a wonder to work with, despite his international success at the box office.

The hockey star pulled the actor aside and asked him for some advice to get through the scene, adding that Jim himself has had to act out one scene nearly fifty times before the right one was gotten.

Carrey also told Neely to relax, but Jim had a secret trick planned for his co-star.

Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels
Jim went on to show his bum off to Cam, which helped get the shot

“Next take, I kick the door open, he’s mooning me,” Neely said. “So they got the shot”.

Dumb and Dumber was released to the public in December of 1994, becoming a box office smash and making nearly $250mn from ticket sales.

Since then, the movie has become a cult classic, with two further films being made - a prequel released in 2003 and a sequel that went public in 2014.

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