A model turned bodybuilder revealed the secret behind her bulging curves – and it's not for the faint-hearted.

Ingrid Grudke, 47, starting lifting weights to give her trim body more shape and began gulping down smoothies after a trip from a nutritionist. But it's not just any kind of smoothie.

The actress chugs "flavourless" meat smoothies which comes with "little lumps". She shared her meaty secret on an Argentinian chat show.

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She said: "In my case it was easy, the process of having a smoothie. It's like little lumps, it has no flavour."

Ingrid Grudke
Ingrid Grudke drinks meat smoothies to maintain her muscles

Ingrid explained: "There are times when you have a piece of lean meat left over, with nothing, and you say, 'What do I eat today? We are not going to throw away meat with what comes out today'.

"Then you process it and eat it. It sounds strong because we are used to sweet smoothies, banana, fruit, whatever, cooked meat that sometimes gets tough, you process it, put a little water, honey and... inside!

"It is lean meat, loin, chicken. A nutritionist gave this advice to me a few years ago and it is much more common than people think. I drink it cold because if you drink it hot, it is a soup."

Ingrid told how she competes in the natural category which bans drugs and excessive muscle development.

Ingrid Grudke
The 47-year-old is a model turned bodybuilder

She revealed: "I come from a fit model world championship, which I always explain in the simplest way that it is a category within bodybuilding.

"It began to be a practice in 2015 and does not use chemical supplementation or muscle hypertrophy, which makes the body more elegant.

"I started practicing it three years ago, because of my coach, Analía Galiano, who is a bodybuilder.

"Their category is 'body fitness', and then there is 'bikini' which is another, and then there is 'wellness', which is practised in a more elegant way."

Ingrid Grudke
She shared her fitness regime on a chat show

Ingrid revealed how she started training during the coronavirus lockdown.

She detailed: "When quarantine started, I came from travelling through the interior as we always did, with every weekend parades in two or three different provinces, throughout the country, activities, theatre, a lot of things and suddenly, well, we were all locked up.

"For me, it was like a break from travelling, and a chance of being home a little. Previously I trained in a beauty centre, I was there for 10 years, but then I stopped. But it is another type of training.

"Later, for four years I stayed doing nothing and in quarantine, I started training again by video call, as many people did at that time.

"And I interviewed Analia and said: 'I love this coach'. We started to hit it off, she was very empathetic, she only trains women and that's how she started training me via video call."

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