The 'second shooter' conspiracy theory surrounding former US President John F Kennedy is 'the most plausible', according to Artificial Intelligence.

Kennedy was riding in a motorcade in Dallas, Texas on this day sixty years ago, November 22, 1963, when lone gunman Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed him with a sniper rifle from a nearby sixth floor window.

At least that's the official line. Ever since the incident conspiracy theories have been rife, and ranged from his own wife being involved to the slaying being part of a UFO cover up.

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The rampant theories stem from conflicting witness accounts and shady investigations inspired the madness, Google Bard said. And when asked which of the alternative endings was the most likely, the AI bot made an interesting admission to the Daily Star.

First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy leans over to assist her husband just after he is shot

The bot said it was "most likely and plausible explanation for the event."

This theory suggests that Lee Harvey Oswald, the lone gunman identified by the Warren Commission, was not the sole assassin but rather acted with at least one other shooter.

"Several factors support the second gunman theory. Firstly, the acoustic analysis of the Zapruder film, one of the most comprehensive visual records of the assassination, suggests that three shots were fired, not two as the Warren Commission concluded," the bot explained.

This aligns with the testimonies of multiple witnesses who reported hearing three distinct gunshots.

There have been many conspiracy theories about JFK's assassination

The bot added: "Secondly, the trajectory of the bullets that struck President Kennedy and Texas Governor John Connally is difficult to explain with a single gunman firing from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository, Oswald's alleged shooting position.

"The 'Magic Bullet' theory, which claims that a single bullet caused seven wounds to both Kennedy and Connally, has been widely criticised for its improbability."

In pictures and video from the day, unidentified people are seen on a grass bank near the action. This has informed conspiracies, too.

"Thirdly, the presence of unidentified figures on the grassy knoll in Dealey Plaza, the location of Kennedy's motorcade, has raised suspicions about a second shooter," the technology surmised.

"Several factors support the second gunman theory," the bot said

Multiple witnesses reported seeing gunshots emanating from the grassy knoll, and photographic evidence suggests the presence of individuals who may have been involved in the assassination.

The bot concluded: "The second gunman theory, while not without its own inconsistencies and unanswered questions, provides a more plausible explanation for the discrepancies and ambiguities surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

"Further investigation and analysis of the available evidence are necessary to fully understand the complexities of this event and unravel the truth behind the assassination."

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