Neighbours stars were left in tears after hearing that the Australian soap was coming to an end.

In February 2022, Channel 5 announced that it would be dropping Neighbours from its schedule and the cancellation of the show was confirmed the following month. However, in September this year it returned to screens on streaming service Amazon Freevee with old faces, new characters and plenty of drama.

Takaya Jonda and Matt Wilson, who play David Tanka and Aaron Brennan, are the latest stars to confirm their huge Ramsay Street comeback and have dished the dirt on why they've decided to return to Erinsbrough.

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Opening up about why they decided to return to the soap, Takaya told Daily Star and other press: "We were pitched the storylines beyond the flashback week and it gave us a really fun thing to come back and play with. We needed some good incentive to come back and we didn't want to come back and have characters in the background and this story really kicks if off with a bang."

Takaya Jonda and Matt Wilson have opened up about returning to Neighbours

Matt agreed: "Jason Herbison has got such an incredible mind for story and he pitched us this storyline and we were really excited about that. We wanted to do our characters justice. We broke up with the show, we said goodbye and we mourned the loss of the show so that was such a big process so to get back on that was a big deal for all of us. We all had our individual situations so we had to consider it but ultimately we're back."

Aaron David Neighbours
Aaron and David are back and so is Nicolette Stone

Explaining further about the effect the ending of Neighbours had on him, Takaya added: "It was psychologically intense because we had to grieve the show and grieve our characters and the fact we wouldn't have the opportunity to play them again so it is a big deal for us to be given the opportunity to do that again and then have the possibility of that being taken away and having to go through that whole process again, it effects you more than what we thought.

"Leading up to the end of the show last year the aftermath was much more effecting than we understood so whilst it seems obvious to say 'yes' when they want you back but there is a hesitation in your body because you just went through something which was incredibly fatiguing and incredibly effecting so there's more to it than just 'Do you want to be on TV again?'

Matty Wilson
Matty said cast members have "individual situations" to consider before returning

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"We saw every single person in the building cry so we had no incline the show would be coming back, especially so soon. We didn't think it was a real thing. We were quite blindsided but it and that's understandable from the production side of things because there was no real need for us to know but it was this huge shock to us and the conversation was a kind of a PTSD response because we'd just gone through this huge thing, all post Covid as well, so I don't think anyone saw it coming back that quickly.

"It's phenomenal but prior to it the industry was going to suffer without having Neighbours in it. All the starts people get on this show is so important to the industry."

Neighbours releases new episodes from Mondays to Thursdays for free on Amazon Freevee

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