Russian president Vladimir Putin has shown signs he was in a fit of anger as he speaks on a Ukrainian "tragedy", according to a body language expert.

Speaking to the the G20 summit in a speech earlier today, the despot and Kremlin head says Russia had never refused peace talks amid mounting pressure from both sides to meet for discussions.

Whether Putin and Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy do so is yet to be seen, but body language expert Adrianne Carter, speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, claims not even Putin fully believes his own words.

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Speaking to camera in a speech broadcast earlier today, Putin lamented a "tragedy" from the war and continued to say he was unwavering in his aims with Ukraine, though conceded peace could be an option.

Vladimir Putin
Despot Putin claimed Ukraine walked away from proposed peace talks

He said: "In their speeches, they spoke of being shocked by the aggression, the continuing aggression of Russia in Ukraine. Yes, certainly, military action is always a tragedy for individuals, families and the country as a whole.

"And, of course, we must think about how to stop this tragedy. By the way, Russia has never refused peace talks with Ukraine. It was not Russia but Ukraine that publicly announced that it had withdrawn from the negotiation process.

"And moreover, an order, a presidential decree was signed prohibiting any such negotiations with Russia." The despot has since been blasted by a body language expert who claims Putin does not believe what he is saying.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Adrianne said: "When Putin says about war is a tragedy… we see lips tightened and pressed together which is associated with the anger emotion.

Vladimir Putin
President Putin may find himself tripping up on his own words as a body language expert says he does not believe himself

"We also see a one sided shoulder shrug during this same sentence which is a sign of not fully believing in what has just been said."

The speech from Putin comes as Zelenskyy claims he would listen to a peace talk plan from former United States president Donald Trump, admitting he is "ready" to hear a "very specific plan" allegedly outlined and held by the ex-president.

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