Streamer Amouranth has been "grossed out" by something creepy she spotted on her porch – a man "defecating" on the front patio.

The internet celebrity who specialises in ASMR-themed livestreams on streaming platform Twitch and Kick took to X, formerly Twitter, to detail the horror discovery she made when checking CCTV footage of outside her home.

Her security cameras are no stranger to capturing weird encounters, including a series of disturbing stalker incidents over the years. But a man defecating on her porch was a new sighting, and left the star disgusted.

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Blurring the clip for the safety of viewers' eyes and posting it to X, Amouranth, real name Kaitlyn Siragusa, is still trying to figure out why the man picked her porch to do his business.

Amouranth porch
Porch problems for Amouranth were posted by the Twitch streamer

Amouranth wrote: "Of all the things caught on my security camera this is the grossest. This s**t is wild." Technically wild given the outdoor nature of the defecation, the Twitch streamer was left wide-eyed by what she witnessed.

In the footage, a man can be seen seemingly conducting his bowel movements onto the porch before running off and leaving the streamer with excrement to clean up.

She later received a photograph from the house cleaner, who snapped a shot of the horror aftermath which has puzzled Amouranth, Dextero reported.

The OnlyFans star said: "I can’t (don’t want to) tell if it’s even real or some dumb prank. House cleaner took this pic / cleaned it."

Amouranth porch
Amouranth was sent a photo of the disgusting item left on her porch

Fans of the streamer soon chimed in with advice on what to do, with one even suggesting she swipe DNA from the stool sample. They wrote: "[I’m] pretty sure you can extract the DNA of that person and somehow have him prosecuted?"

Amouranth has not yet revealed whether she informed authorities of her find though may not do so given her previous encounters with cyber stalkers and the lack of action allegedly taken by members of the force.

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