Watch as bold Brits test their taste buds with a daring new hotel breakfast option, combining waffles – with a classic Full English breakfast.

The "British Breakfast Waffle Trio" was served up to guests staying at hotel chain, Hampton by Hilton – with adventurous eaters left pleasantly surprised by the unusual flavour combos.

Full English breakfast flavours were infused into the very batter of the waffles, with pairings including tomato and mushroom, black pudding and bacon, and Cumberland sausage and orange zest.

And breakfasters then had the choice to top their waffles with classic ingredients including mushrooms, hash browns, and bacon.

A range of sauce and drizzle options were also available to top it all off, such as orange marmalade drizzle, black coffee syrup, English tea whip, baked bean-infused whipped cream, and crispy hash crumble.

The new breakfast menu option was created by Hampton by Hilton, which also commissioned research of 2,000 adults – and found that three in ten are becoming more experimental with their morning meals.

In fact, 59% claim they are open to trying unusual food combos – with some examples including scrambled eggs with fruit, avocado and honey on toast, and porridge topped with salt.

Hampton by Hilton trials limited edition British Breakfast Waffle Trio as part of its free hot breakfast, included in every stay
Hampton by Hilton trials limited edition British Breakfast Waffle Trio as part of its free hot breakfast, included in every stay

Pauline Wilson, vice president of focused service operations, EMEA, Hilton, said: "With more than half of Brits being more experimental with their morning meals at hotels, we're excited to offer our guests the British Breakfast Waffle Trio – a loving tribute to the iconic traditional fry-up."

The study found Londoners take the title for being the most daring at breakfast time (53%) – while the Welsh (77%), and those in the East of England (77%), admit to lacking in the creative department when it comes to the first meal of the day.

It also emerged 61% will usually eat the same thing every day at home – however, 51% claim to be more experimental when they are away.

A fifth of those polled will eat a traditional fry-up at least once a week, with 52% opting for savoury over sweet – but 37% enjoy the two flavours equally.

The research, carried out via OnePoll, also revealed cooking websites are the most popular resource for "foodspiration" (22%), while the same percentage turn to family and friends for ideas.

It emerged one in five enjoy watching TV programmes to inspire their cooking choices, while 9% use social media platforms, such as Instagram (13%), YouTube (13%), and TikTok (8%).

The British Breakfast Waffle Trio is available on December 1 when staying at select Hampton by Hilton hotels, including London City, Bath City, York Piccadilly, and Edinburgh West End.

Pauline Wilson added: "We hope this innovative waffle flavour combination satisfies the nation’s craving to try something new for their morning meal."


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