A woman allegedly filmed sexually abusing her dog was reportedly found to have a "fetish" for drowning children in disturbing chat messages about her fantasies.

Angela Marcella Rio had also allegedly sent texts of her fantasies, which included the raping and drowning of children as well as a video of her sexually abusing her own dog.

Rio has been arrested on almost a dozen felony charges, police confirmed in an arrest warrant. The 33-year-old has since appeared in Broward County Court after prosecutors filed formal motions earlier this month.

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Rio had been arrested in mid-October and is now facing 11 counts of child pornography-related charges, with police alleging she was in ownership of more than 100 "child exploitative" or "age-difficult" videos.

Woman in handcuffs
Police made the arrest after a joint investigation beginning in May (stock)

Following her digital footprint showed Rio allegedly had a pattern for "fetishization and sexualization of children." Plantation Police Department staff worked with Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force members from May to October to snag Rio.

They received multiple tip-offs from messaging boards like Reddit and Quora, as well as a number of digital traces on messaging app Kik. An account traced back to Rio showed multiple files of child sexual abuse material uploaded to the service.

Further Google search results from the alleged criminal saw searches for "do babies feel sexual pleasure?" and "mom and son porn". Chilling conversations with detectives soon followed, where Rio claimed it was to "make money on the side", Local10 reported.

A warrant, which allowed investigators to search Rio's electronic devices, found 115 child sexual abuse or "age-difficult" images or videos. Detectives allege the images depicted boys and girls as young as two being raped or sexually abused.

Police car
Rio is due to make a court appearance in the near future after formal motions were filed (stock)

Separate claims from authorities indicate a video made by Rio allegedly having sexual relations with her dog, Phoebe, were also found on the device. Rio has pleaded not guilty to the child pornography charges.

A. Randall Haas, Rio's attorney, said: "Although I am not at liberty to discuss the accusations against her or our anticipated defenses to the crimes charged, I will say that Angela should be presumed innocent until the state attorney proves to a jury of her peers that she is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

"Having said that, I remain confident that once all of the evidence is borne out, and Ms. Rio receives her due process in a court of law, the allegations against her will be seen through a totally different lens."

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