A collection of XL Bully dog owners brought out their pets in a huge protest attempting to prove the banned breed is safe.

Bully Linkups Fundraiser members lined up and posed before a with the breed, which was deemed dangerous by the government and outright banned by the new year. A total of 62 dogs attended the event.

Some dogs were seen wearing harnesses or leashes as the video, uploaded to TikTok, made the rounds and showed attendees of the protest with enormous dogs seen at every turn.

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None of the dogs were seen to be wearing muzzles on Sunday (November 19) at Calludon Castle in Coventry.

XL Bully dog protest
Proud pet owners took to a field to protest the XL Bully ban

Footage of the video has since gone viral, with some taking to X, formerly Twitter, to mock the members of the public lining up with their banned breeds. One criticised the group, saying: "Not a single one with a muzzle on.

"At least they could do that to help people not to get worried and just incase they do try and bite." Another person, reported by the Daily Mail, added: "This video is proof that they need to be get rid of. They need body harnesses and not leashes. Even then they’d struggle."

The breed will be banned in England and Wales from February 1, 2024, following a series of attacks and deaths which led the government to take action against the American XL breed.

XL Bully dogs protest
Some were critical of the gathering, which featured 62 XL Bully dogs

However, many commenters on TikTok praised the groups actions and were happy to see so many "adorable dogs", while pledging support against the ban.

Owners are now being offered roughly £200 to have their pets put down, or they can pay a surcharge of £92.40 for a certificate saying the dog is exempt from the euthanasia process.

Dogs who are left alive would then need to be microchipped and neutered according to new government rules. Dog behaviour expert Stan Rawlinson has since claimed it will be "totally impossible" for the government to enforce the ban.

He said that "all someone has to do is get papers to say that a dog matching that description is not an XL Bully, and nobody is going to police this", adding it will be "totally impossible" to confirm it.

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