Looking around on the internet, there appears to be a video about every simple task that makes many of us feel like we never getting anything right.

But people never thought they'd be doing something as simple as eating their favourite snacks wrong – until now. Social media users have been stunned to learn they've been munching on Pringles wrong.

And according to a 45-second video that was posted by user A-A-Ron, it's apparently causing them to miss half the flavour. The influencer, known for sharing foodie hacks on his cooking-based page called 'cookinhungry', asked fans: "Did you know the correct way to eat Pringles?"

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A-A-Ron told people they should be eating Pringles with the edges facing upwards (stock image)

In the clip, which has gained more than 1,300 views, he filmed a small pack of the iconic snack. He went on to explain that when most people eat Pringles they place the crisp's saddle shape with the edges facing down in their mouth lengthways.

But this is apparently wrong, as the lad claims most of the flavouring is actually on the side which most people have facing up towards the top of the mouth.

He demonstrated just how much flavouring was on the other side as he rubbed the Pringle with his finger on either side. The reason for this is that Pringles are actually only flavoured on one side.

The other side tastes like it has a milder flavour because some of the flavouring rubs off when they are stacked in the tube.

Pringles Tubes on shelf
Pringles fans immediately took to the comments on TikTok to discuss how to eat the snack (stock image)

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Instead, A-A-Ron says people should eat them with the crisp edges facing upwards. "Did you know that, or are you today's years old?" he asked.

TikTok viewers were shocked by the video as they took to the comments to give their opinions. One user said: "Lol if that how we are suppose to eat them that's how they should have put them in the containers. I'm already too invested."

Another added: "Today years old." Meanwhile, a third penned: "I lick the top and eat the bottom."