Najla Imad Lafta, Talented Disability Table Tennis Athlete from Iraq

By | 03/02/2020 – Physical limitations are not a barrier for someone to achieve their dreams. Now many people with disabilities have achievements according to their fields of interest such as athletes.

This was demonstrated by 14-year-old Najla Imad Lafta. At a relatively young age, he has become a national and regional table tennis champion at the regional and provincial levels.

Reporting from the Global Coalition , Wednesday (11/12/2019), unexpectedly, Najla is a young athlete with a disability. In 2007, he experienced a tragic incident as a result he had to lose both his legs and right hand.

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But the shortcomings never stopped him from competing and winning table tennis competitions. The teenager who came from Diyala, Iraq made sport as a tool to fight extremism in her country.

“I really like table tennis. Dad saw me playing and he put me in a sports club so I could practice every day,” he said.

When competing, Najla was wearing the exact same color clothes as the colors of the Iraqi flag. He is one of the youngest talented athletes in his country.

Najla believes that one way to connect people and empower women is with sports. He was very enthusiastic to continue to compete by participating in the Asian Championships in Taichung, China, Taipei, where he performed brilliantly.

Seeing the condition of his colonized country, Najla was interested in pursuing a career as a judge so that he could defend people who were disadvantaged.

Najla’s message to those who see it and feel sorry.

“If you see me, don’t feel sorry and say bad things about him. Let others know that in five years I can become the youngest champion on the Asian continent,” he explained.

Life is slowly improving

After his country was Dilaya freed by Daesh, his country’s life improved and he was happy because no one else could prevent him from competing.

Shortly after his country’s liberation, he again participated in a table tennis competition held in the province.

Launch , Najlapun life gradually improved. Thanks to prosthetic assistance from the paralympic committee, he has switched from playing in a wheelchair to being able to stand up.

A very rare development in sports because in general athletes do the opposite.